Level II Radar Information

RadarKSJTHour 12
Location:San Angelo TX
Last update:0 Hours, 21 Minutes, 48 Seconds
Latest ingest:2019/01/24 12:27:55
Current latency:0.257 seconds
Avg latency:2.04 seconds
Peak latency:22@27:15

Operator Notes

KSJT down again on RADAR monitor. Contacted the site who stated that they can not get the RADAR up this time and are contacting support staff. They will isue FTM. GW/SMM

Free Text Messages

NOUS64 KSJT 241227 FTMSJT Message Date: Jan 24 2019 12:43:59 The SJT WSR-88D radar has failed. Technicians are expected to diagnose the issue this morning. We apologize for any inconvenience.