Level II Radar Information

RadarKSJTHour 01
Location:San Angelo TX
Last update:0 Hours, 1 Minute, 35 Seconds
Latest ingest:2018/05/26 01:49:29
Current latency:0.483 seconds
Avg latency:0.43 seconds
Peak latency:12@03:57

Operator Notes

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Free Text Messages

NOUS64 KSJT 250550 FTMSJT Message Date: May 25 2018 06:03:53 The San Angelo, TX radar site KSJT has become inoperable. Our technicians will d iagnose the issue when they come in this morning. We apologize for any inconveni ences.
NOUS64 KSJT 251427 FTMSJT Message Date: May 25 2018 14:32:18 KSJT radar is back online.