Level II Radar Information

RadarKRGXHour 23
Location:Reno NV
Last update:0 Hours, 1 Minute, 22 Seconds
Latest ingest:2017/11/22 23:58:14
Current latency:0.238 seconds
Avg latency:0.34 seconds
Peak latency:6@12:58

Operator Notes

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Free Text Messages

NOUS65 KREV 221707 FTMRGX Message Date: Nov 22 2017 17:08:12 KRGX radar will be off line until around 10:30 AM (1830 UTC) today, Wednesday No v. 22 for scheduled maintenance.
NOUS65 KREV 221812 FTMRGX Message Date: Nov 22 2017 18:17:05 Maintenance is complete and the KRGX National Weather Service Doppler Radar has returned to service.