Level II Radar Information

RadarKDOXHour 01
Location:Dover AFB/Dover DE
Last update:11 Hours, 23 Minutes, 21 Seconds
Latest ingest:2019/01/24 01:04:16
Current latency:5.720 seconds
Avg latency:5.72 seconds
Peak latency:6@04:10

Operator Notes

Free Text Messages

NOUS61 KAKQ 240343 FTMDOX Message Date: Jan 24 2019 03:43:01 KDOX radar has suffered a malfunction and is inoperable. Time for return to serv ice is unknown
NOUS61 KAKQ 240608 FTMDOX Message Date: Jan 24 2019 06:08:31 KDOX radar is down due to a faulty azimuth motor. Parts will need to be ordered and return to servcie is unknown at this time.