Level II Radar Information

RadarKDLHHour 06
Location:Duluth MN
Last update:0 Hours, 1 Minute, 50 Seconds
Latest ingest:2017/09/25 06:10:20
Current latency:0.490 seconds
Avg latency:0.50 seconds
Peak latency:2@03:31

Operator Notes

no notes found

Free Text Messages

NOUS63 KDLH 230241 FTMDLH Message Date: Sep 23 2017 03:22:05 09/23/2017 0322Z: KDLH radar is currently down. Technicians are enroute and retu rn to service is currently unknown, but the outage is expected to be brief. ALTN : KMPX KMVX KMQT KGRB KARX
NOUS63 KDLH 230427 FTMDLH Message Date: Sep 23 2017 04:31:01 09/23/2017 0431Z: KDLH has been returned to service.